Window Treatment Ideas Straight from the Experts

Window Treatment Ideas Straight from the Experts

Are you thinking of redecorating your home but are currently having some financial constraints? Or maybe you have some special guests who will be visiting and you want to refurbish the total look of your room at such a late notice. There’s no need to fret because you can actually change the look of the entire room by learning a trick or two from the experts. Famous decorators claim that giving more particular attention on your windows can totally give your home a facelift. So here are some really useful window treatment ideas straight from the experts and in just minutes away you are on your way to designer window like those you see in the magazines!

Go Ahead and Experiment on Colors

There are many people who prefer to play it safe and often choose neutral shades for their windows. One of the window treatment ideas that you should keep in mind is to be daring enough to mix two to three colors to create a vibrant new look. This simple trick can actually inject more liveliness and excitement to your once dreary and drab interiors. So go ahead and brighten up your room and add some spunk to your windows.

Choose Contrasting Textures

If you want to be on the conventional side and you want to steer clear from bright hues, blending neutral colors in varying brilliant textures can immediately exude elegance and sophistication to your rooms. There are a lot of window treatment ideas that you can get from home magazines to help you create that classic look you want to pull off.

Work a Corner to Your Advantage

Residential homes usually have some small wall spaces in between two corner windows. What you can do is to use panels or some really great draperies with one of its sides overlapping to create a more dramatic look. It is a visual trickery that would seem to conjure one continuous window.

Small Windows Can Have a Big Impact

Don’t be perplexed on what to do with seemingly small and unattractive windows. In order to create an illusion of larger windows use pale or muted colored panels. Install this a little higher that the actual window frame and allow the panels to touch the floor. If you have particularly narrow windows, choose panels that are wider than the window and open them back by using sashes. This would effectively draw the eyes outward and creates a great visual impact.
Design in Stages

If the design of the window you want to create or imitate is a little too complicated or way out of your budget, there is no need to panic. Perfecting your window treatments is a continually evolving process, and there’s no need to press yourself to finish it at once. You may think of more window treatment ideas that you would want to incorporate in your existing design.

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