The Finest Kitchen Cabinet Paint Colors in Dublin 2023

The 7 Finest Kitchen Cabinet Paint Colors in Dublin 2023

The Ultimate Guide to Kitchen Cabinet Paint Colours in Dublin

Choosing the right paint color for your kitchen cabinets can transform the entire look and feel of your kitchen. As Dublin’s leading painting service, we’re here to guide you through the top choices and answer some of the most frequently asked questions about painted kitchen cabinets colors.

What are the best colors to paint kitchen cabinets?


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The best kitchen cabinet paint colors largely depend on your personal preference for kitchen paint colours, the overall theme of your kitchen, and the ambiance you wish to create. Here are seven kitchen cabinet paint colors:

White: The timeless classic. White is one of the best paint choices for kitchen cabinets, offering a clean, fresh look. It acts as a blank canvas, allowing you to change up other elements of your kitchen decor whenever you wish.

The Finest Kitchen Cabinet Paint white color in Dublin


Neutral Tones – Beige: A soft and versatile color, beige cabinets can warm up your kitchen, making it feel cozy and inviting. They are among the colors that are similar to white but offer a warmer feel.

The Finest Kitchen Cabinet Paint Neutral Tones - Beige in Dublin


Gray: A contemporary favorite among kitchen cabinet paint colors, gray cabinets can fit into both modern and traditional kitchen designs. They offer a balance between light and dark, making them suitable for various kitchen sizes.

The Finest Kitchen Cabinet Paint Gray color in Dublin


Navy Blue: A bold and sophisticated choice, navy blue cabinets can make a statement. They work exceptionally well in larger kitchens and pair beautifully with gold or brass hardware.

The Finest Kitchen Cabinet Paint Navy Blue color in Dublin


Green: From sage to forest green, this color evokes nature and brings a fresh and organic feel to your kitchen. It’s perfect for those who love a touch of the outdoors in their living spaces.

The Finest Kitchen Cabinet Paint Green color in Dublin


Black: For those who dare to go dark, black cabinets can create a luxurious and modern look. They’re especially striking in kitchens with ample natural light.

The Finest Kitchen Cabinet Paint Black color in Dublin


Terracotta: This earthy hue brings warmth and a rustic charm to the kitchen. It’s reminiscent of Mediterranean styles and pairs well with wooden countertops and white accents.

The Finest Kitchen Cabinet Paint Terracotta color in Dublin

What is the most popular Colour for kitchen cabinets?

White remains the most popular color for kitchen cabinets. Its timeless appeal and adaptability to various kitchen styles make it a favorite among homeowners. When people ask about the most popular kitchen cabinet color, white often tops the list due to its versatility.

What is the most popular cabinet color in 2023?

In 2023, the trend leans toward gray kitchen cabinets. This neutral yet edgy color has gained traction, offering a modern twist to traditional kitchen designs. Gray is quickly becoming the most popular kitchen cabinet color for those looking for something that stands out yet remains timeless.

What is the most timeless kitchen cabinet color?

White is undeniably the most timeless kitchen cabinet paint color. It has remained a top choice for decades and remains a staple in kitchen design. Whether you’re going for a minimalist, rustic, or luxurious look, white cabinets can seamlessly fit into your vision. It’s a color that is similar to many others but stands out due to its clean and fresh appeal.

Expert Tips for Selecting the Perfect Shade

  1. Consider the Lighting: Natural light can significantly affect how a color looks. Always test paint samples at different times of the day.
  2. Think About the Size: Darker colors can make a space feel smaller, while lighter shades can open it up.
  3. Don’t Forget the Finish: The paint’s finish can change the final look. Glossy finishes reflect more light, while matte finishes give a more subdued appearance.
  4. Hardware Matters: The knobs and handles you choose can either complement or contrast with your cabinet color. For instance, gold or brass hardware looks stunning against navy blue or black cabinets.
  5. Consider Open Shelving: If you’re hesitant about a bold color, consider using it on lower cabinets only and opting for open shelving above.
  6. Consult Professionals: Sometimes, it’s beneficial to get a second opinion. Consulting with a professional can provide insights you might not have considered.


Choosing the right kitchen cabinet paint colors is crucial in setting the mood and style of your kitchen. Whether leaning towards the evergreen white or the trendy terracotta, Dublin Deco Painting brings your vision to life. With our expertise and commitment to excellence, we ensure your kitchen not only looks good but feels like home.

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