Mohawk Area Rugs

Mohawk Area Rugs

Considered for long years as one of the leading manufacturers of high quality area rugs, Mohawk Select is a furniture company headquartered in Georgia that has long been designing and manufacturing area rugs to meet the ever growing demand for outstanding floor products. All of the area rugs offered by this company are all designed to fit every room in the home and for every commercial application. And, as expected from a brand of outstanding products, the Mohawk area rugs have successfully built a reputation not only for its design, but more for its quality, the reason that most of the Mohawk area rugs are marketed today with a high tag price.

The Mohawk area rugs come in a number of different types. They vary according to size, shape, color and style. But no matter what category they belong, all of these products are noted worldwide not only for their beauty and style, but also for their durability and value. Yes, all of the Mohawk area rugs are built to last for years. They are made from superior materials, with the right combination of colors, patterns and textures, making them really perfect to express whatever you want to express for your home’s style.

Speaking of patterns, the Mohawk area rugs boast a number of attractive and versatile patterns to suit every household’s needs. Included in the list of their versatile patterns are bold scale transitional patterns, retro-modern inspired graphics, geometrics that are Asian inspired, and some painterly compositions. Aside from these patterns, the Mohawk area rugs are well-noted for their range of color which includes melon, avocado, moss, butter, coco leaf, crimson, jet black, deep lavender, camel and dark orange.

There are about 19 sets of Mohawk area rugs available in the market these days. The collection includes antique, beau solei, bella rouge, bracken ridge, cambria, cordova, decorators choice, essentials, golden reflections, Hampshire, Irene, metropolis, modern age, natural elements, platinum, regency, Susan Sargent, symphony, and velvet impressions. All of these lines are crafted by the skilled hands of Mohawk’s craftsmen and what particularly enhanced their feel and look is an array of colors, styles, and textures that are incorporated in these pieces of art.

To mention in particular, the Antique collection of Mohawk area rugs actually boasts traditions from the Orient combined with the beauty of the European masters. According to the company itself, this style is considered in order to bring you the collection that will delight you for centuries. All of the area rugs included in this line are noted for their superior quality with an improved pile density.

The Mohawk area rugs are now marketed anywhere in the world, even online. They often come in a pretty high price, ranging from $200 to $800 and up.

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