Live in Style with Metal Shipping Containers

Live in Style with Metal Shipping Containers

Fashion has become a way of life to some people, a patented expression of their personality. In a world where almost everyone finds comfort in being a clone of some fashion icon or valiantly trying to blend with the rest of the crowd, it is certainly quite refreshing to find some free spirits audaciously liberate themselves from the stifling dictates of the society. Such brashness and cheek are usually reflected in their clothing, homes and lifestyles and in almost everything they can possibly put their unique personal stamp on. The rest of the world looks on, whether amused or annoyed, everyone seems to wait with bated breath for another defiance and mockery to the conventions set by humanity.

The hottest rage nowadays did not come from the runways of Paris or New York but astonishingly in the filthy and congested port areas. Yes! One can actually discover treasures in shipping yards! The fashion limelight is now focused on, you’d never guess it – metal shipping containers! There are a lot of people that are finding the way towards the nearest shipping docks in their locality to haul a pile of metal shipping containers to turn it into some really trendy residential structure. Some highly innovative architects and interior decorators are literally making a considerable fortune out of what used to be known as a worthless mountain of scrap.

Not so long ago, the increasing number of metal shipping containers was considered an alarming environmental hazard. It quite fascinating to note that through the creativity and seemingly boundless imagination of some people, they are now made into some chic fashion statements. Today, metal shipping container have found their way in residential structures, restaurants and even museums. It wouldn’t be surprising that you might one day stare into some really impressive modern pieces and you would never have a clue it used to be one of those insipid metal shipping containers.

Adam Kalkin, a distinguished architect unraveled his creations at his art show in Miami Beach, and many guests were dumbfounded to find some really luxurious furnishings inside a metal shipping container. His project, which was aptly titled “ Push Button House” since it can easily be loaded at the rear of a truck and unwraps into an attractive house. With hundreds of ingenious ideas churning up in the brains of these people, the possibilities for the metal containers seems to be limitless. They are now actually designing some lost cost housing projects made from metal containers for emergency evacuees and humanitarian aid. Metal shipping containers make very sturdy houses, flame and water-resistant and can be moved or shipped to any location without incurring any damage. You might even want to make one for yourself, not just as a fashion statement but as an economical alternative to the traditional brick houses.

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