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The advantages of proudly owning a brick house are abundant. They are obviously fireplace and climate-resistant, composed of normal, renewable resources (shale and clay), simple to preserve and by natural means insulated.

However, your choice in brick shades can feel restricted, and homebuyers at times really feel like they’re compromising on their wished-for home coloration. Luckily, there are eco-welcoming, charge-efficient solutions to give your brick property a facelift without agonizing about the information that arrive with painted brick. Limewashing and whitewashing are the two historic processes that have not too long ago risen in acceptance as options to much more pricey exterior updates.

In this report, we’ll explore limewash vs. whitewash for brick homes and the benefits to each and every.

What is Limewash?

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Limewash was at the top of its recognition in the 1800s and 1900s mainly because it was conveniently accessible and inexpensive.

Limewash is made up of two substances: lime and drinking water, and is typically a white shade, but other organic hues are normal. Lime, not to be confused with the citrus fruit, is extracted from limestone and then processed into lime putty or paste. Combined with water, the combination turns into a matte or chalky texture that is then ready to be used to a home’s exterior.

Not like painted brick, limewash does not merely sit on top of brick it penetrates the fibers.

Pros of Limewashing Exterior Brick

  • Small upkeep
  • Micro organism-resistant
  • Appealing ageing procedure
  • Reasonably priced and eco-helpful
  • Available in other pure hues and hues

Downsides of Limewashing Exterior Brick

  • Hard to manage the consistency of visual appearance
  • Labor-intensive desires many coats to be a solid color
  • Will not improve the texture of your brick
  • Will come in a minimal vary of earth tones and off-white
  • Simply cannot be applied above painted brick

What is Whitewash?


Even though limewash can be regarded a type of whitewash and is frequently made use of synonymously, we’ll be differentiating the two for this report.

Whitewash is a 50 %-and-fifty percent mixture of water and paint that sits on leading of brick, not like limewash, to provide a translucent finish, muting the brick’s normal coloration. Not like painted bricks, whitewashing preserves bricks’ organic, random versions, depending on how a lot is used and how every personal reacts to its application.

Pros of Whitewashing Exterior Brick

  • Delivers a smoother floor finish
  • Small servicing and lasts for yrs
  • Can effortlessly be applied to painted bricks
  • Limitless shade choices
  • Offers entire protection

Negatives of Whitewashing Exterior Brick

  • More costly than limewashing when used on more substantial surface area areas
  • Some paints can entice humidity
  • Hard to take out if you transform your intellect
  • Hard to preserve consistency of blend if Diy

Which is Finest for Your Residence?

Now that you are acquainted with limewash vs. whitewash, how do you choose which course of action to use for your exterior brick?

Limewash is an excellent alternative if you are searching for a thing purely natural and eco-friendly. We recommend this method for an individual hunting for a semi-lasting modify that can be removed with electrical power-washing. Limewash brick is a fantastic selection for a vintage house appear on new bricks.

On the other hand, whitewashing bricks is advisable for those hunting for a solution that is a lot more long term. For the reason that whitewashing is mixed with paint, it can be used on beforehand painted brick. All in all, it’s a excellent preference for smaller sized interior jobs like fire brick or a brick wall accent.

Upgrade Your Brick Exterior with Dublin Deco Painting Painters® 

Investing in the exterior of your house is just as vital as the inside, and so is picking out the appropriate painting lover to complete the job effectively the first time.

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