Can You Paint Stress Treated Wooden?

If you are below, you are probably curious no matter if or not you can paint pressure handled wood. The shorter reply: of course. On the other hand, being aware of the specifics of painting strain dealt with wood will only make your painting venture simpler.

We’ll go in excess of a temporary clarification of what would make wooden ‘pressure treated’, how to prep the wood and at last, how to productively paint it.

What is Pressure Dealt with Wood?

Stress addressed wood has been addressed with particular procedures to make it considerably less vulnerable to mold, decay and insect infestation—even producing the wood hearth-retardant.

The approach is commonly a mechanical course of action that is pc-controlled. Wooden is transported into a vacuum force vessel where the air is removed from the wood. The vessel then fills with the preservation option and the equipment applies huge strain to force the alternative into the wood cells.

Do it yourself or Simply call a Specialist?

Smaller painting proects may possibly be equipped to be handled on your possess, but when it will come to people bigger tasks, it can make perception to phone a qualified to get the task done rapidly and competently. In particular with a finicky item like tension handled wooden, it can be tough to take care of the humidity content material and know when to use primer or when it’s not required.

At Dublin Deco Painting Painters®, we’re authorities in all points paint—including painting force dealt with wood.

How to Prep Pressure Handled Wooden for Painting

Very first, you must prime the wood for painting. This move is important to extend the everyday living of your wood and ensure the greatest success.

Clean up the Wooden

Using a rigid brush and warm, soapy water eliminate any dirt or debris from the wood. Do not use a strain washer on pressure treated wooden as the high pressure can injury the remedy on the wooden fibers.

Make Sure Wooden is Totally Dry

1 of the most essential factors to bear in mind when painting tension dealt with wooden is that it must be completely dry before painting. If paint is used just before the wood has entirely dried, the paint simply will not dry, or it will blister and peel over time.

The dampness information of the tension taken care of wooden need to be under 14% before you get started off. The most straightforward way to check out if your wood is dry adequate is to execute a ‘water test’ . By sprinkling some h2o on the wooden, it ought to take up the h2o. If it even now has not dried, the h2o will bead on the surface area.

For a much more exact studying, employing a digital dampness meter will give you an precise dampness measurement.

How to Paint Stress Treated Wooden

Now it is time to start off painting! Be sure to stick to every single step very carefully, you want to guarantee you are defending the integrity of your wooden all over this approach.

Resources Required

  • Primer
  • Latex paint
  • Paintbrush
  • Roller

Use Primer

The very best type of primer to use for painting stress handled wooden is latex primer. Most components shops offer primer made particularly for painting pressure treated wooden.

Starting off with a brush, concentrate on places that the paint roller cannot get to like slender or recessed regions. Subsequent up with a paint roller, roll the remaining area space to protect evenly with the primer.

Enable the primer dry for about an hour before proceeding to the up coming action.

Apply Paint

Employing a latex paint, or a paint built specially for painting stress dealt with wood, you’ll comply with the similar procedure as the primer. Starting off with a brush, target on the spots that are difficult-to-arrive at for the paint roller to make sure you’re completely masking the area. Seize your paint roller and roll on your paint to deal with the relaxation of the surface area spot.

Let the initially coat dry for up to three hrs ahead of making use of your next coat. Abide by the identical process for painting your 2nd coat.

Apply a water-repellent complete

To secure your wood even even further, implement a coat of h2o-repellant end with a UV stabilizer to reduce fading.


Upkeep is key. If maintenance is carried out incorrectly, it can lead to a lot of head aches down the line. Strain addressed wood is an particularly durable substance, and with the right servicing and care it can very last for numerous yrs to arrive!

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