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If you have considered a fresh coat of paint on your home’s exterior, recognizing where to get started is 50 percent the struggle. Whether your dwelling has pure wood, aluminum, vinyl, or hardie board (fiber cement) siding, every single form of material demands a distinctive method when it will come to painting.

So, can you paint siding? The most uncomplicated respond to is indeed, but respecting the material with the accurate planning, equipment and paint will assure the concluded products comes out looking stunning.

Read through on to uncover out how to technique painting each style of siding.

Painting Organic Wood Siding

Due to the fact of its organic components, this kind of siding desires guarding. Creating guaranteed you are being on prime of routine maintenance of your normal wooden siding will promise your property stays in superior form and seems gorgeous. 

A good way to manage the integrity of your pure wood siding is to refresh its paint. Here’s a rapid overview of how to paint natural wood siding.

Phase 1: Inspect Your Siding

Check to see if there is any flaking, peeling, exposed seams, or rotting wooden. These issues need to have to be tackled prior to you get started painting.

Action 2: Scrape and Sand Loose Paint

Following putting down drop cloths to catch any paint debris, use a paint scraper to take out any flaking or peeling paint to make certain a sleek end. Next, making use of a sander, begin sanding with a coarse abrasive and finish with a great abrasive to sleek the edges concerning painted and scraped places. Failing to carefully prep your purely natural wooden siding before painting can end result in uneven protection or extra peeling. In addition, painting around wood with higher moisture written content does not quit the deterioration process and should replaced.

Step 3: Primary Wood

You’ll need to clean the floor of the wood in advance of painting. Preferably, use a stress washer to blast absent any dirt or remaining paint chips by likely from bottom to top rated to prevent any staining. Be extremely cautious to not get h2o at the rear of the siding as this can induce humidity difficulties inside of your household. Let dry for 2 or 3 times just before you start painting.

Stage 4: Paint

We suggest implementing a primer/sealer prior to painting your foundation colour to ensure the paint bonds to the wooden properly. Once that coat dries totally, implement your paint shade! Beginning from the top rated and doing the job down, make confident you’re applying paint evenly to stay away from visible markings as it dries.

Painting Aluminum Siding

A popular option put up Planet War II, aluminum necessitates quite very little maintenance and has excellent insulation and climate protection characteristics.

Despite the fact that a low-priced and strong substance, it is vulnerable to dents and rapid-fading paint. A brief coat of paint will retain your aluminum-clad property sparkling!

Step 1: Prep the Area

Inspect the aluminum siding and scrape off any peeling or flaking paint, as properly as any previous caulk strains. Scrub away any mildew and grime with warm, soapy h2o. Alternatively, working with a electricity-washer will speed up this approach, just be mindful not to get water guiding the aluminum siding. Allow dry for 2 or 3 times right before you get started painting. Devoid of thorough prep, the paint finish will bubble up, peel or fade a lot quicker than intended ensuing in you owning to do one more painting venture.

Move 2: Primary the Floor

A galvanized metal etching primer will give you the greatest outcomes when painting your aluminum siding. You’ll want to use a synthetic polyester paintbrush to include the complete floor place and enable it cure for at minimum 4 hours.

Move 3: Paint

Making use of 100% acrylic exterior paint, use a brush to paint the edges to start with in advance of loading your paint roller. Operate the roller in the direction the siding is oriented (side to aspect if horizontal, up and down if vertical), doing the job your way from the prime to the base. Allow the paint dry for at minimum 2 hours just before implementing yet another coat.

Painting Vinyl Siding

By significantly the most common siding materials for home exteriors, vinyl is regarded as upkeep-totally free that doesn’t commonly call for painting thanks to colour staying mixed in with the substance. Nonetheless, vinyl siding can reduce its luster about time or you may possibly be wanting a facelift for your home.

Whichever the circumstance, you can paint vinyl siding, it is just significant to remember that your vinyl siding will now be as upkeep-totally free as the paint alone.

It is also important to examine if painting your vinyl siding voids any producer warranties that may well still be in effect.

Action 1: Clean up the Vinyl

Rinse your siding with drinking water. Then, with a cleansing resolution, scrub away grime, grease, and particles, operating from the bottom to the leading. Do not get h2o driving the siding as this can result in costly dampness problems down the line. Be certain it dries totally ahead of moving to the subsequent move.

Stage 2: Primary (Optional)

Vinyl siding does not demand a primer, but it won’t hurt to use one particular, primarily if your siding has deteriorated or withstood severe weathering. Permit the primer dry completely.

Stage 3: Paint

Paint an even coat of exterior paint, using the exact same technique you used when priming. Let the initially coat dry completely in advance of making use of a advisable next coat.

Painting Hardie Board Siding

Chat about durable. Hardie Board, also known as fiber cement siding, is a composite substance built of concrete substrate. Much heavier than its counterparts, it is really long lasting and typically does not have to have a paint refresh for up to 20 many years.

Painting hardie board is not only possible, it’s suggested to increase its longevity and keep your property looking fresh new.

Stage 1: Cleanse

Employing a simple backyard hose or a tension washer, spray absent any dirt, grime, grease and dust. It’s ideal to get started at your roofline and operate your way down.

Phase 2: Primary

If you’re working with manufacturer new hardie board siding, identify no matter whether it is Prefinished, Factory Primed or Unprimed. If your siding is Unprimed, you will need to utilize an exterior-grade acrylic latex primer prior to you start off painting. If you have a Prefinished or Manufacturing facility Primed hardie board, you can skip this step.

Move 3: Paint

Fortunately, hardie board is an incredibly effortless materials to paint. Even so, no make any difference what technique you use to paint (brush, roller, sprayer, and many others), you are going to require to use two coats of paint to achieve the most effective end.


As you can see, it is feasible to paint any type of siding. The kicker is the sum of time these assignments can get, the machines and the standard know-how that can convert a weekend task into an high-priced overhaul.

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